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What We've Done and What People Are Saying

A Brief History of Game to Give:

January 2016: Raised $200 for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

September 2017: Raised $500 for Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association and made 300 sandwiches for the Calgary Drop-in Centre.

November 2017: Raised $500 for Jumpstart and made 300 sandwiches for the Calgary Drop-in Centre.

February 2018: Raised $1,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

May 2018: Raised $800 for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

October 2018: Hosted 30 person murder mystery in support of Children’s Cottage Society.

November 2018: Raised $1,200 for Inn From The Cold.

December 2018: Raised $1,250 for CUPS Calgary.

February 2019: Raised $1,800 for The United Way of Calgary and Area.

June 2019: Raised $600 for Children’s Cottage Society.

October 2019: Raised $2,120 for Days for Girls.

December 2020: Raised $400 for the United Way of Calgary and Area.

Charity Partners Reviews:

Allie Acker, Community Relations Coordinator, Ronald McDonald House Charities:

"Working with the Game to Give Team has been an absolute Joy. Not only are they organized and fun, the passion they have to help others is inspiring. They have continued to strive to find ways to support the many families who come through the doors of Ronald McDonald House Charities ® Southern Alberta and we couldn’t be more grateful. There is no better way in our minds to give back to community then doing it with some healthy competition, good times and laughter. We are looking forward to more “ultimate game nights” in the future, and can’t wait to see what the Game to Give team will do next. Thank you Adam, John, Hanna, Matt and Wade for putting our families first and supporting Ronald McDonald House. We couldn’t continue to create a home for our out of town families without your support."

Game to Give Attendee Reviews:

"I personally had a lot of fun, at one point I was laughing so hard I actually had to ask for a bathroom break because I was going to pee my pants"

"I thought it was a good mix of games and downtime to chat with people and the games were quite fun! Truly enjoyed myself"

"I'm so glad I went! Thanks for hosting it - it's such a great idea. Bringing awareness to people in a casual way instead of super expensive galas - it's awesome because it reinforces that it doesn't matter how much you give, every bit makes a difference!"

"Honestly, I thought it was a blast. I loved the games you do - every game had me laughing"

Charity Partner Blogs:

Ronald McDonald House Charities: 



Community Recognition:

In 2019, Adam Le Dain received the Culbert Family Award for Philanthropy due in large part to the work done by the Game to Give team.

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