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Unique events where friendly competition meets uncommon games, all while efficiently donating to high impact local charities.


Game to Give partners with charities to throw fundraising events on their behalf. The fundraisers are structured as a 'tournament' of teams of two competing in unique and accessible games that require skills that anybody, or more likely, nobody has (see the Example Games section below). We charge a manageable entrance fee for participants with >90% of that fee being directly donated to our partner charity for that event.

Our goal is to give you an incredibly fun evening of friendly and unconventional competition, while effectively raising money for high impact causes that we all care about. And as an added incentive, the proceeds of the evening will be donated to the charity in the names of our two Champions.


Where are your dollars going?

Our goal is that 90%+ of your entry fee goes directly to charity, a donation efficiency level that rivals industry-leading metrics for entire charities (donation efficiency for events are almost always significantly below this). We are a volunteer organization with no salaries, no dividends and no wasted money. We replace flashy expensive items with creativity and hard work.

Charitable events walk a challenging line. They need to be enjoyable enough that people want to go to them (usually meaning they cost a lot to run), while also providing value for the charity (meaning as much of the entry cost needs to go to the charity as possible). This is tricky. The common way to manage this is to increase the ticket price and the scale of the event, often resulting in large galas and golf tournaments. While we do love these events, they inevitably cut out an entire demographic of people who want to support an initiative but don't want to spend $100+ for a single evening and have only 50-60% of it actually go to the charity that they are passionate about.

You work hard for your money and are deliberate with how you deploy it. Our job is to work hard enough that we earn the right to give you a new, unique way of supporting the initiatives you love, while having blast doing it.

example games

A team wins the evening by winning the most games.


Teams get to choose what  games they play and our games change every event!

Where in the world is Carmen sandiego?

Fast-paced game where teams are shown a picture of somewhere in the world, first team to correctly guess where, wins.

Example: a picture of Ha Long Bay


Teams join together to make two giant groups that try to race through as many charade clues as they can before the other group.


Similar to the TV game show Jeopardy, but with information that nobody studies. Think, "How many tress are in Wurst", or "What actor plays the Kray Brothers"



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